Cooking with Kids?

Messy maybe, but great learning experience for them.

By Mary Ann Hanlon, Publisher Mom, Macaroni Kid Easthampton/Southampton/South Hadley November 16, 2020

How many of you have started cooking more now that we have been "stay-at-home" for more than 3 months now?  My schedule usually doesn't include cooking 3 meals a day. Well, thanks to COVID-19 that all changed.  I am cooking far more than I ever have before.  And I am cooking with my son, who is 11 years old and on the Autism Spectrum. It’s not easy, trust me but when you see how cooking with your kids can help them in now and in the future, it’s well worth the extra time and clean-up.

Did you know?  

1.  Cooking with kids can teach them new skills and help them develop healthy habits

Explore their senses

Expand their palate

Gain a sense of accomplishment. 

Making healthy choices

Responsibility. Sharing good conversation.

Basic math, science, and language skills

2.  Kids who learn to cook at an early age are also more likely to make meals “from scratch” when they grow up.

3.  There are tasks that each age group can learn as they progress in the kitchen healthy habits?

Ages 2-5 pour ingredients in a bowl

Ages 6-8 how to mix

Ages 9-12 how to bake

Ages 13+  advance skills like proper use of a knife

Recently, we made pretzels using Pampered Chef's Ultimate Soft Pretzel Making Kit.  Michael enjoyed being able to mix all the ingredients.  His favorite part though was rolling out the dough and cutting it into strips to make the pretzels.  He amazed me when he knew to flour the board before he rolled out the dough - just goes to show that he was watching on those rare occasions when he was younger when I made things from scratch.

I want to be transparent with you all, I joined Pampered Chef to replace many of my cooking utensils that are showing their age now that I am cooking more.  It has not only helped me do that but it has also brought in some extra money that I’d lost when I had to close my brick-mortar store due to Covid-19 back in March.  

Mary Ann Hanlon, Pampered Chef Consultant

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